When Do You Need a "Large Scale Deployment" of (Technology?) Open Source?

Developing and deploying and architecture that is scalable, replicable, and sustainable that impacts a significant number of users which can leads to 1:1 or a ubiquitous computing environment.

What we're really saying is: if you want 1:1 or ubiquitous computing --> here are the issues --> you really can't do this without FLOSS.

Checklist definition of needs that would lead to large scale computing:
  1. Are you looking for computing to improve the way teachers teach and students learn?
  2. Are you looking to provide a differentiated, rigorous, and engaging curriculum?
  3. Are you looking for students to have anytime/anywhere access at school?
  4. Do you need reliable, sustainable, scalable, and replicable computing?

If you checked any of the above, you need to be looking at a "large-scale" deployment.

What are the advantages of Large Scale Deployments of Open Source?

Planning for Large Scale Deployment

  • Leadership and Policy
  • Technology and Infrastructure
    • Do you have a 2-year, 4-year, or 6-year proposed fiscal model?
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Other / Overarching
  • Roadbumps


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