Final Session
1. Should we hold this conference again?
2. How should we improve this?
3. General comments.

Alex Inman, Whitfield School. Outstanding conference. Will certainly be back. Simple change, but easier to get people here would be to have it closer to Monday/Friday.

Mike: teachers and administrators said--"I can't be away on Monday or Friday." Was that true?

Clint Kennedy, Mystic CT. Would like an unconference format for at least soem fo teh conference (maybe one day). All become/are experts. Panels were great, experts as well. But would be a great addition.

Keith Belzowski, Michigan City, IN. I would love to come back year after year. I hope attendance would double each year. We talked about a listserv for communication between everyone in attendance at the conference. I would like to propose something else as well to help form a "community". When signing up for the listserv (whenever that goes live) what do you think of collecting some information from the user joining as well. Example: name, location, areas of expertise, role in K12 open source projects (developers, computer technicians, technology directors, companies providing service for k12 open source.. etc), contact information, optional photos, and more. Profiles would be editable by the member to allow them to change information over time. Data would be available online and searchable by users to find other users with like interests in local areas as well as worldwide. I think this may go a long way above a listserv in expanding our "community" effort. Again, just an idea to help people connect.

Chris Bowers. Loved the international aspect. He felt that if you wanted to participate, you could. Definitely have again. Accessibility of the people in Open Source just amazes me. What is best for kind in the future

Steve Hargadon. "Be Like Mike" t-shirts. Edubloggercon--combination best. Need to get best practices from all who are there--need some format for this.

Pam White (IN). New to Open Source, have teachers who were very upset with them. Would like to see some resources, Joomla, etc. Who do I talk to to get myself trained, to train the teachers, etc. Would like some of those resources.

Robin Johnson. Art teacher and tech trainer. Visual learner. Would like some kind of a place that would be open that would *show* how people have configured applications. Was really worth her time.

Lil Kellogg. ENA. Thoroughly enjoyed conference. 25 years experience. Grass roots and grass tops initiatives needed.

Ray Spencer (?). Need to know that those outside Indiana are looking at you as a model and a trailblazer for those who want to do what you are doing.

Wayne Fulton, TX. Kudos to Mike and group for an outstanding conference. I can take a lot of the information back home to my schools in TX. Definitely want to do next year. 3 full days would be better. Too many good sessions at one time. Really good turnout for first year. A lot of us will go back and tell colleagues and come back next year.

Lady at my table: offer sessions more than once.

Globalnet Solutions guy (not James). All the people in this room get it. The freedom to share is the freedom to learn.

Bryant Patten: Specifically thank the teachers who came.

?. Would like to see more teachers come, good saw others using software would embrace it more. Try to get Torvalds, Dougiamas to come.

Jim Gerry. Lost so much sleep, met so many people, learned so much stuff. Let's do this again!

Randy ? from Toronto. Open Source is relatively new to me. Really enjoyed introduction with people in room. Ability to learn from each other was really, really enjoyable. Would endorse to have again. Doesn't know how you would promote OSS without it.

Claudia Edgewater. Northern Arizona. Navajo Reservation. Was really impressed with conference, diverse countries. Really enjoyed the wonderful presentations. Having diversity, knowing that the world together is working to move together with technology. Bringing Internet and power to our areas--kids without electricity, how can we address this as a nation.

Carla Beard: the world is flat, but the bagels are good, and we might as well do this again.

Mike: we used the outbound Internet almost to max. Wireless was another solution. Someone stole one of the access points. If we do again next year, which I believe with some certainty, we will make sure we have good connectivity (AMEN). ENA provided connectivity with such style.