Practical Roadmap Suggestions
Laura--time for swag presentation (great expense and effort)
Read Mike's letter, describe event
Show discussion page
Show outcome and tasks page
Discuss committee outcomes: agreement to work on creating resource with policy materials: reports, data, resources
Ask panel to reassemble, help focus on practical suggestions; audience. (Use backchannel chat)
Goal: the start of a "roadmaps" for you, what has worked for others.
  • Lead with practical, then "free" aspects/benefits (Indiana)
    • Don't lead with philosophical
    • Practical: OSS can solve the "ed tech dilemma" (computers not ubiquitous enough to be transformative, therefore viewed as non-productive)
  • Focus on non-displacement technologies (Moodle, CMS,
  • Recognize 9X factor, how difficult it is to change.
  • Recognize "4 year" rule.
  • Address immediate, practical needs; solve problems.
  • Create immediate benefit for cost-savings and use for agreement (Randy Orwin)
  • Create environment for success: 4 - 5 teachers using (Indiana)
  • Train so that there is success
  • Hand the lead (opportunity) to techs directly involved (Arizona)
  • Seek for policy mandate / high-level buy-in from non-technical decision makers
  • Seek for political support
    • Tie efforts to open standards and open documents
  • Allow for choice and mixed solutions
  • Build concrete support structures (e.g., wiki)
  • Be transparent / forthright about support / maintenance costs (successful examples?)
  • Build curricular solutions, lesson plans (Plano)
  • Tie to 21st century skills (untested?)
Summary: committee felt that we have a great opportunity to bring together / address / solve major challenges in education today--21st century skills, ubiquitous computing, ...