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Most Important Points
  • Marketing - no sales and support. Lead with practical, then "free" aspects.
  • Educate community OSS
  • Teaching + Learning
  • Student Involvement
  • Need for support communities
    • - For future
    • - Cultural
  • Thin-client as a concept
  • Teachers want practical
  • Non-intrusive technologies most likely to be adopted.
  • Solution needs to be transparent – interactive with other software
    • - Need to be open / persuasive about the maintenance / support costs that will come.
    • - Can use Windows within that environment
  • Push software developers to run on Linux/Web
  • Support for Open Standards
  • Model for classroom use
  • Teach/Train on licenses and Creative Commons
  • Teachers want practical
  • Not-displacing (non-intrusive) technologies
  • Lead with the practical

/* ss
What do we want to do in the next two hours?
Vendors chose not to engage here. (Were they invited?) So where do they fit? Can we draw a conclusion from their non-presence? Vendors still think that they are in charge, which is the old model. Business models don’t seem to include K-12 clients.